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Our discussion and opinion forum is open to all opinions exclusively about our BLACKPANTHER SYSTEM. We ask for your understanding if unrelated posts are deleted.


    • Henkelnet

      Hello Ronald,
      thank you very much for your question and interest as well.
      BLACKPANTHERSYSTEM is still quite new and unfortunately can currently only be purchased from our webstore or webstores like
      We try to organize the sale via dealers in the USA in as soon as possible. We already received more requests for our system.
      However, we also ship from Germany to the USA.
      Marry christmas and a happy new year.
      All the best
      Gunter and your Team BLACKPANTHERSYSTEM

  1. Pelle

    We miss laptop holder for the Iberoxo arms, and the table top could also be 10-20 cm wider for DJs (2CDJs+mixer is 110, two DVS like Rane +mixer is 120+)


      Dear Pelle,
      thank you very much for your message.
      We are preparing what you requested and hope to get it a.s.a.p. in our shop.
      New products espacially for DJ´s we have in the pipeline and will launch next time.
      Happy new year
      Best regards

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